Therapeutic Approach

I follow a holistic and multi-dimensional approach and use different therapeutic tools when needed as part of a client’s treatment plan. I make use of an integrative approach to fit my client’s unique needs and circumstances.  Thus, therapy for me is not a “once size fits all” approach.

Through myclinical experience and from studying the latest research material, I came to realize that in order to completely resolve the effect of stress and trauma on a person, a therapist needs to work on the combined mind, body, emotional, and spiritual levels.  That also means working on a conscious as well as an unconscious level.  For the conscious mind I use therapies like CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and for the subconscious mind I use therapies like Hypnotherapy and Energy Psychology. To help the bodyI use therapies like SE (Somatic Experiencing) and TRE (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises).  Helping the brain to process stored trauma and working on a multi-level I use therapies like EMDR (Eye movement desentization and reprocessing) and EMI (Eye movement Integration).

My role as psychologist is to be a facilitator of change and transformation, helping my clients to implement any changes effectively. The therapeutic process will allow you to create a therapeutic journey, which facilitates healing and growth.  I further aim to empower my clients with knowledge and to help them discover their own light within so they can continue their life path on their own.